So let's say someone did you wrong. They double-crossed you, ditched you, deserted you, broke your trust, stole from you or something of that sort. What do you do? Do you go for revenge? Well, you could, but how would that make you any different from whoever did you wrong? You would end up doing the exact same thing that you hated them for. That's where karma comes into the picture.

If you believe in karma, you should know that whatever goes around comes around. When, where, how... these are not questions that can be answered immediately, and differ for every situation and circumstance. But you can rest assured that it will happen, eventually.

So if you're pissed at someone who fucked you over, don't fret. Let karma do its thing. Here are are 9 quotes that explain how karma is a great leveller:

So if someone did you wrong, don't fret. Just keep calm and let karma do its thing.

Design Credits: Aroop Mishra