Prime Minister Narendra Modi took the nation by storm with his sudden announcement of demonetising of the current Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes effectively from Tuesday midnight. The move that is allegedly aimed at eliminating corruption had everyone speculating about the implications of it, both immediate and long-term.

Some reports even suggested that the new currency will be embedded with a GPS chip that will enable the government to trace the location of the notes. Given the nature of the development, the news went viral on social media with Reserve Bank of India(RBI) stepping in to clear the air.

Terming it as a complete hoax, the RBI spokesperson Alpana Kilawada told News18 that the world is yet to see such technology, so there is no point of it being introduced as a feature. 

She further said the RBI website talks in detail about the features of the new notes and there is nothing more to what has officially been put out. 

The fictitious bit of information however did see some epic trolling on Twitter:

All jokes aside, this is what RBI has officially mentioned about the new Rs 500 and Rs 2000 notes: