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Aug 04, 2016 at 17:42

Flight Attendant’s Racist Post About Indian Passengers After The Emirates Crash Is Getting Slammed

by Sandeep Singh

Recently an Emirates jumbo jet carrying 300 passengers and crew, crash landed in Dubai. While all the passengers survived, one firefighter lost his life.

Source: World


Soon, a video went viral where the passengers were seen panicking during the process of evacuation. You can also hear a passenger worrying about his laptop before getting out. Seeing this a flight attended used the situation to rant about Indian passengers in general. Look at the hate post:



Many people agreed with the post and started commenting with even more hate:





Although, there were some people who came up to defend Indians but it wasn't enough.



He later deleted the post after UAE-based RJ and TV presenter Mohit Dantre intervened. He took screenshots and addressed the racism and hate with an epic response.

I don't think he realizes that a situation is called a panic situation because people panic! There is no set behavior pattern that is taught in case your plane explodes into a fireball, is it? And you know why? Because people don't live to tell the tale! Could people have reacted better? I don't know! Would people from another country react any different or better? I certainly don't think so! How does one react to a situation where you see your life is about to end in the next few seconds. And got to love how he has colored his racist rant into a status update full of 'shock,anger and fear' . 

Mohit also explained his strong reaction:

This isn't the first time I have heard such generalized degrading comments about Indians/South Asians by airline crew in the UAE and this definitely won't be the last time. I hope this post eventually makes it to the bosses at Etihad to give them a glimpse into what some of their staff is making the company look like - Racist and insensitive. And that too towards one of their most money making sectors.

The flight attendant later messaged Mohit Dantre directly:



While most people internet criticised the (admittedly panicked) reactions of the many of the passengers, making it a race issue and generalising an entire country is not called for.

All images sourced from: Mohit Dantre


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