Of late, MS Dhoni's Hummer seems to be as much in the news as its owner.

Late last month, we told you about how MSD left Ross Taylor and Co. gawking at his ride when he took off in the beast after landing in Ranchi for their ODI encounter. 

Source: Cricket Country

And now, it's in the news again because a girl in Ranchi chased down the Hummer so that she could have a selfie with MSD.

Aaradhya - a college student from Ranchi - saw Dhoni in his Hummer on his way to the airport to fly out of the city after the aforementioned ODI, and chased him down on her scooty. 

Upon catching up with him at the airport, India's ODI skipper even obliged her with a selfie.

Source: Bhavya Bhayani/Twitter

How badly do you want a selfie with Mahi?