Salman Khan's bodyguard Shera has been slapped with assault charges after he reportedly broke a man's collarbone and also threatened him with a gun.

Source: b'Shera (left) with Salman Khan in a file photo/ Image source: Twitter'

A complaint has been registered against Gurmeet Singh, who is better known as Shera, at the DN Nagar police station in Mumbai. One reports said that a police team was sent to arrest him. 

According to reports, the victim was not a stranger but someone known to Shera.

The victim and Shera reportedly had a heated argument in the early hours of Friday morning during the course of which, Shera and two other bodyguards assaulted the man.

Source: b'File photo/ Image source: Twitter'

Shera has been closely associated with Salman Khan for over 18 years now and even featured briefly on screen with the actor in the film Bodyguard.