This man needs no introduction.

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If you think about it, Samuel L. Jackson has made quite a name for himself, but not necessarily for being the nicest guy around. 

In his movies, of course. I'm sure he's a charming old motherf***r in real life.

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We all remember him in Pulp Fiction:

You wouldn't want to mess with him, would you?

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Now, I'm not saying that's the most polite way of talking to someone. But if you want to get the message across, it certainly is one of the most effective. 

And when it comes to a show that has bastards dying...

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Dickheads like him...

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And gruesome skull crushing finales...

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...then who better to recap the show than Samuel L. Jackson? 

And when he does it in his signature motherf****** style, it's like music to the ears. Well... sort of! 

Check it out:

If you have missed the show. Don't worry, Sam's GoT your back!