Sanjay Dutt's conviction and eventual jail term has been very often discussed and debated. While the court saw him as guilty, quite a lot of people still believe that he was wrongly punished. It might take a while to settle that debate. 

Meanwhile Dutt was released from Pune's Yerwada Jail on February 25. He hasn't made a lot of public appearances since then but took to the stage at the India Today Conclave and was in conversation with Rajdeep Sardesai. 

The talk saw Dutt opening about his term, his experiences and even about his father. This is what he had to say.

"I am trying to get the grip of it, to feel free again but I think it'll take some time."

"My day used to start at 6 and I used to crib and I used to cry and I used to think about my family and kids." 

He talked about the not-so-edible food and called it "terrible"

"(With) Every paper bag I made 10 paise..."

He talked about how his hands have become like rock

He insisted on his patriotism as well

He said about his late father, "Before he died, he said I have always been proud of you..." 

Dutt revealed that he learned "not to be brash" and "the law of the land"

When he was leaving jail, some officials said "Baba, we will miss you."

He even opened up about the difficulties he faced there

And opened up about one of his biggest fears

And spoke about what he eventually wants from life

Dutt also said that he has found his silver lining

Also that he will not join politics

"Nobody should take their freedom for granted..."

And said some things, that nobody knew, like his experience with LSD

You can follow the entire discussion at India Today.