All you need is a penis and vagina. It's that simple, right? Unfortunately, sex isn't that simple. Certainly not for many, many people out in the world. 

Growing up, you'd think that everyone would know how it is done. Considering we're always trying to get some, looking for it online and reading about it, sex shouldn't be such a mystery, right? 

Trust us, humans, to make the simple act of sex harder (pun intended!) than it actually is. 

If the questions asked most-often about sex are to go by, we have NO idea about sex. Yes, literally, no damn idea. 

Need some proof, do you?

Here are 25 of the most hilarious, downright stupid questions asked by users about sex online:

1. How does her boyfriend even do that? Like, HOW?

2. Don't know about virginity but she really needs her brain back! 

3. Talk about after-life issues, anyone?

4. What's the definition of sleeping, again?

5. It's spelled 'MASTURBATION', dude! 

6. Interesting question!

7. This is one jabra fan! Good for you, Justin Bieber! 

8. Way too much love for pizza!

9. Umm... use your finger, maybe?

10. Purush ya mahapurush?

11. Let's respect everyone's choice!

12. This boy really deserves to know!

13. Next question please!

14. Such a selfish husband! 

15. The boy is quite hands-on!

16. Tumse na ho payega!

17. He's surely a married man.

18. It's just a cold. Not contraception.

19. So much love for your penis?


21. Let's not 'suppose' anything.

22. Seduction skills on point!

23. Andar ka jaanwar jaag gaya?

24. Shine on, my friend!

25. Size does matter!

And you thought you had problems?