Time and again, sexism has been explicitly used to discourage and degrade women all over the world. There are people who often find it difficult to accept that women too can have an identity separate from a predominantly accepted male figure in society. But the blame isn't entirely on men, women too are known to have made snide remarks that can easily pass off as being sexist and misogynist. And honestly, that is more disheartening than anything else.

From item songs to movie dialogues, hatred for women can be seen and experienced in every walk of life today. What's more disturbing is the prevailing hypocrisy where people say things like 'we are living in modern times', 'women and men are equal'...Alas! These are words only said, never applied!

Here are some sexist quotes by great men from different times that will make you want to punch them in the face.

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*Sigh* The world really has gone to the dogs!

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