While some people believe that India is the land of coffee, hardcore chai addicts think otherwise. Most Indians' day is incomplete without a piping hot cup of chai. Be it masala, khullar or a plain simple cup of roadside chai, India runs on tea! So, if you too are one of those people who can't function without a cup, then you might be addicted. And here are some signs to prove it:

1. You simply cannot function without your morning cup.

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2. Hanging out with a friend always involves a cup or few of chai.

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3. You have tried all types of tea. From Green tea to White, you know them all!

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4. For you, something as trivial as tea shopping is a legit thing and you don't mind indulging in it at every chance you get.

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5. You openly brag about the health benefits of tea. More often than not, you are caught educating your friends why drinking tea is so good for their health.

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6. Your ultimate dream is to own a tea estate. Or at least, rent one out, every few months, for a vacation.

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7. Your all time favourite quote is...

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8. When you are unwell, you prefer ditching those medicines for a hot cup of tea. In your heart, you know that no anti-allergy will be as effective as an adrak wali chai during a cold.

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9. You often wonder how people who don't drink tea survive.

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10. According to you, there is no right time for tea. Any time is tea time.

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11. Your favourite country apart from India is England, only because of the tea!

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12. You are extremely protective about your tea cup. And God forbid if you ever lose it, it's like losing your life.

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13. You're such a tea addict that over the years, Tea has come to mean only one thing for you, Tata Tea.

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