How many times has it happened that you somehow managed to find a parking spot in a crowded place, but when you came back, you forgot where you parked your car! This happens a lot, especially in malls. It's a huge task to locate the car in a sea of so many vehicles. Even more for those who don't remember their car number. What do you do?

Central locking can come to your rescue, but what if the car is parked so far away that it's out of range? Well, here's when you apply your brains. And by brain, we mean the the actual physical organ.


We know that the car remote sends out signals in the form of electromagnetic waves to unlock the car from afar. Now these electromagnetic waves have a range, and as you walk away from the car, the signals get weaker and weaker. In this case, your brain can act as a radio transmitter, to help increase the power of the remote and hence enhancing the range of the electromagnetic waves. 

All you've to do is just take the car keys in your hand and place it against your head like this:

Source: YouTube

The trick works due to the interaction between electromagnetic waves and the water in your brain. When the waves pass through the brain, they pull positively charged hydrogen ions and negatively charged oxygen ions in opposite directions, pushing them up and down. The water in our brain also has an electromagnetic wave of the same frequency as that of the remote. These waves, when joined together, extend the range of the car remote and you hear that beep beep sound that saves you trouble of searching for your vehicle.

Watch this YouTube video for a better understanding:

We bet you didn't know that!