As a feminist, in today's day and age, you've probably heard a lot (and I mean A LOT) of half-assed arguments about how you're a "feminazi," and how you fixate on 'non issues,' like rampant sexism in pop culture, the mythical wage gap, body image issues, menstrual taboos, abortion, slut shaming, LGBTQ+ rights, casual sexism, cyberbullying and trolling, and more. And, maybe, you've then been advised to chill out.

"You aggressive, jhola-carrying, bespectacled, cigarette-smoking, pseudo intellectual, possibly seditious, LSR-JNU student, you. Shut up about your 'harmful' stereotypes because no one cares."

Recently, a viral meme on Facebook elicited at least one of the following reactions from a sizeable section of my social circles:

- "OMG he nailed it bro! These Indian Feminazi bitches need to shut the fuck up about their first world problems."

- "Soo true. I hate when some women are like 'oh my god we need equality at the workplace.' Talk about real issuez, like... umm... Jasleen Kaur is a bitch."

- "Oh these femeenist types yaar. So annoying. Gold diggers."

- Uhh.. wtf?

Ok, so the last reaction was just us, but here's the post for context:

We're compelled to cite an image source, so here you go. Please give this guy some Likes.

Yeah. That.

Of course, being the buzzword that feminism has come to be in recent times, there is, understandably, a lot of confusion around what actually constitutes feminism. Or, rather, what it means to identify as a feminist.

Since people love being wooed with facts, figures, and dictionary-validated definitions, so here's what states:

An advocate of social, political, economic, and legal rights of women to be equal to those of men.

Basically, anyone who believes in the equality of the genders IS a feminist. You're not a 'humanist,' or an egalitarian, or an 'equalist,' or an "equaliser." Yes, we've heard that too. *SMH*

As such, no issue that stems from oppressive patriarchal structures and, thus, rampant sexism across class, caste, creed, and race is EVER a non issue.

But really, all of that aside, for those of you who just want to get straight to how the brilliant Tanmay Bhat nails every anti-feminist argument on the internet ever AND throws shade at despicable memes (such as the one posted above), we'll let the wise gentleman take it away:

You go, Tanmay!