Dear Super Mario, 

We still remember the time of the old TVs,

We got very little time on it,

And even fewer channels.

Source: dtvintagefans

Indoor entertainment was at an all-time low.

But soon, you came along...

Before all the 9999 in 1 games,

And the Contra-era,

It was you.

Source: bestoldgames

We would spend hours, 

Trying to cross different levels,

Or finding the secret tunnels & hidden mushrooms. 

Source: youtube

 Soon, school was all about one thing,

"Bhai tu kaunse level par hai?" 

We couldn't wait to go back home & fire up our Nintendos.

Source: popsci

We would pretend to have stomachaches to stay home.

You became a part of all our lives,

Every house had a Nintendo and a Mario cassette, 

We would fight over remotes,

But you helped us understand that we needed to share.

Source: gametraderusa

You taught us a lot more. 

Going from big Mario to small, 

Was the first lesson we learnt about getting back up. 

Being oh-so-close to the flag,

But running out of time.

Well, we learnt heartbreak too!

Source: theverge

We fought hard against Boswer the monster,

To rescue your Princess Toadstool.

But sometimes all we got was a lesson in trolling.

Source: knowyourmeme

Well... Life went on and we did rescue the princess eventually. 

It was never an easy task though. 

Countless hits and misses. 

But you taught us that hard work could get us anything. 

Source: gaygeekab

We worked hard even when you kept dying,

We persevered to think of new ideas of missing school, 

Because you jogged our creativity,

We would get out of doing homework,

We would get scolded,

But we did it, because you were awesome!

Source: Youtube

As time passed, 

Newer games came to us. 

The old Nintendo became obsolete,

PlayStation & Xbox took over,

CDs replaced cassettes,

And you got lost in the heap of memories. 

Source: Youtube

But even now, 

As we rummage through the pages of our childhoods, 

You will always be one of our favourites.

Thank you my remote-controlled friend, for being a great memory. 

Thank you for making our childhood so great!