Remember 'the dress' and the debates it spurred on social media over its colours? 

Source: YouTube

While most of us are still wondering whether it was gold and white or black and blue, the internet has found a pair of slippers to add to the mystery.

Falsiane, a Portuguese Twitter account, recently posted an image of a pair of flip flops and Twitter has once again resorted to asking, 'What colour do you see?'

Source: Daily Mail

The picture does show a clear colour distortion and people are going crazy over what colour combination they see.

I think it's definitely white and golden!

The image which has been liked over a thousand times is a reminder of The Dress which became famous in February 2015 because people saw it in different colours. The confusion caused debates between friends and gave birth to a bunch of memes but the internet didn't manage to find a consensus over the colour. 

The colour debate regarding the flip-flops seems to be headed to a similar fate.

Can we just unravel the mystery already?