There is no debating the fact that mothers are the best people in the world. They pamper us at the end of a rough day, sit with us for hours when we fall sick, laugh at our bad jokes and send us those silly WhatsApp forwards just to make us smile during the day.

Basically, Moms are the best and no one can contest that!

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We don't even realise how much we are used to our mom's care and affection until we move away. 

The first few days are the toughest and it feels like we don't even know how to function anymore. All that talk of being an independent individual goes out of the window because Moms are an integral part of our existence.

As a grown woman, I still depend on my mother. 

I mean, she has heard me babble all my life and I can bet there can never be a better listener than her.

Hindi films understood this mother-child bond decades ago and over the years, we've seen 'maa ke haath ka gajar ka halwa', mothers supporting their kids when they come out and also, mothers fighting the world for their child's rights.

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Tisca Chopra played Ishan Awasthi's mother in Taare Zameen Par and just seeing that lost little boy, dealing with his life after he was sent to a boarding school was enough to make us cry like a baby.

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As soon as the parents leave the hostel and Shankar Mahadevan's voice begins singing, "Main kabhi batlata nahi, par andhere se darta hun main Maa", we couldn't hold it any longer. 

The tears couldn't stop rolling and for some reason, the song has the same effect on us till date.

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The agony of a little boy who grew up in the shadow of his mother, just like the rest of us, felt like our own. His tears and his pain with the background song was enough for us to go back home and fall into our mother's lap. 

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Shankar Mahadevan once mentioned in an interview that they had earlier thought of getting a child to sing Maa but they decided against it. Mainly because no matter how much you grow up, your feelings for your mother will never change. It's not a relationship that you can walk out of. You might have your differences but the person you are will always have the reflection of your mother.

The bond that the two share is expressed beautifully in the song and with such heart wrenching lyrics, we can not help but have hazy eyes every time we hear this song.

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Now, call your Mom because no matter how old you are, you'll always be your Mama's baby!