It's really easy for us to just waddle to our refrigerators, find eatables that no longer excite us and just simply throw them in the bin. After all, when food comes so easily to us, does it really warrant so much thought? Little do we realize, that the food we throw out could feed the millions out there, who are foraging through trash just to stay alive. The very idea of kids starving on the streets, while we rampantly waste food is bound to stir something in you! If so, then you'll find these 8 facts about the state of the hungry in India to be quite a humbling read!

The aforementioned facts are more than just cold, hard statistics. These facts are the unfortunate reality of the life we live. Right now there are numerous kids sleeping on hungry stomachs who could really use our help. Taking that first step is as easy as visiting your nearest KFC. In an initiative by KFC called add HOPE, up to Rs. 5 from the sale of every KFC chicken bucket will go to feeding the underprivileged, through the month of October. So the next time you're craving KFC, remember to ask for the add HOPE bucket or contribute Rs. 5 voluntarily to feed a hungry child. Your simple contribution can brighten someone's day. Know all about it here