India’s fastest train, Gatimaan Express, which is capable of reaching speeds of up to 160 km per hour, was flagged off on Tuesday from New Delhi.

It opens a new chapter in the history of ‌Indian Railways.

This new semi-bullet train will run between Delhi's Hazrat Nizamuddin station and Agra Cantonment station. It will operate six days a week, except on Fridays. The fare for a single AC chair car seat will be Rs 750, and that for the executive AC chair car seat Rs 1,500.

However, there are some issues. According to reports, the Wi-Fi isn't working and neither is the on board TVs.

Here is what it looks like from inside:

You've got smartly dressed attendants

Who'll be serving you during the 100-minute-long journey

With food and even towels!

You've got a luxurious Executive AC Chair car compartment for which a ticket costs Rs 1,500

Source: Twitter

There's also an AC chair car where a ticket will cost you Rs 750

The train is shiny clean as it shuttles between Delhi and Agra

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And you just have to sit back and relax till you reach your destination 

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