The Indore-Patna Express train tragedy that took place on Sunday has taken more than 143 lives till now. But there are a few who had a miraculous escape like journalist Santosh Upadhyay who had boarded the train from Ujjain on Saturday with a wait-listed ticket.

Upadhyay had been assigned berth no. 7 in the coach S2 by the train ticket examiner. However, it was later exchanged by a young lady who requested him to take berth no. 7 on S5, as she wanted to sit with an acquaintance. When the train derailed, coach S2 got severely damaged, reports The Times of India.

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"It could have been me," Upadhyay said while recalling that he saw bodies hanging out from the S2 coach, the TOI report adds.

Upadhyay, who sustained injuries in the neck and back after jumping out of the emergency window was one of the first persons to inform the Railway authorities about the derailment.

He says that he will not be able to forget the horrific scenes he witnessed even though the wounds will heal with the passage of time.