What is the most lovable thing you have done for your significant other? Took them out for a surprise movie date? Bought them a pretty piece of jewellery? Prepared a delicious meal for them? Well, yeah! All of us, who have been in a relationship, have been there. But this man took this to another level altogether. 

Michael Zee, a London resident, on one fine sunny morning prepared breakfast for his boyfriend of two years, Mark van Beek, that was absolutely symmetrical. He laid out an omelette, salami, avocado and fruit juice on two plates, in a way, that looked complimentary to the other plate.

Have a look.

Zee, a former educational officer at a museum who has also, studied photography for five years, posted a photo of it online and received an overwhelming response from the internet. He ended up starting an Instagram account, called SymmetryBreakfast, with a tagline "for my boyfriend and me" in January 2016. Initially, it had about 200 followers which has now grown to 6,45,000. 

Zee told The Guardian,

People wonder if I’m crazy or obsessive, but it is a declaration of love, really. I’m dedicated – both to breakfast and to Mark.
Source: DailyMail
I get up really, really early. If something takes more than 30 minutes to make, such as a sourdough, I do it the night before. I post at 7.30 am and we leave the house at 8 am. Usually, within the first hour, I’ll have 1,000 likes and by the next day it will go up to about 3,000.

And he hasn't missed a day in this past year. 

For a long time, the couple remained anonymous and their followers assumed it was a woman running the show. He tells Standard,

People still refer to me as a girl, commenting ‘she is so good to her man’ and that tells me a lot about people’s perceptions about the roles in relationships. Women make food for men. People assume I’m a girl because I am some sort of servile being to my husband or boyfriend.


After an Instagram account and a website, they even have a cookbook to their credit.

H/T: The Guardian