There's no job tougher than being a mother. Right from bringing new life into the world to raising a family, our mothers have spent all their time in trying to make things better for us. For all this, she has never asked for anything in return, such is her selfless love. While we feel indebted by all the countless things she has done for us, do we really think about the hopes and dreams that she had to cast aside when she took on motherhood? In the hullaballoo of juggling home and work, her husband and her kids, she quietly labelled her passion as a hobby and let it slide.

Knowing this, shouldn't we urge her to pick up from where she left off? This stirring video from Amazon India presents a mother who, in the chaos of her household chores, receives an unexpected gift and a note from her husband urging her to reconnect with her inner child once again. We're deeply moved by the message this video delivers and we're sure that it will strike a chord with you too. Put your weight behind #MomBeAGirlAgain.