For those who don't know- I'm assuming you are the unmarried- today is Karwa Chauth. Yes, the same day when married women in India fast for the health, well-being and long life of their beloved husbands. 

From Bollywood films to TV shows, social media to your next-door neighbour, everyone is busy glorifying this tradition. But there are also those who believe that staying hungry the whole day has nothing to do with someone else's long life. 

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Amidst all this, there are some new-age men who've decided to fast too. Just yesterday, there were stories around how Neil Nitin Mukesh would be fasting for his to-be wife. I'd say, more power to such men. Why should women be the only ones fasting, right?

However, since the debate on fasting resulting in a long life is yet to arrive at a conclusion, everyone has a different take on this festival. 

And speaking of having a take, there's Twinkle Khanna AKA Mrs. Funny Bones who always has a lot to say about everything worth tweeting. 

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Her take on Karwa Chauth will certainly get you thinking and if nothing, will surely make you laugh. 

Check it out:

And when one gentleman questioned whether not fasting might have any unfortunate results, she had a legit response to that too!

You're always spot on, Mrs. Funny Bones!