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Feb 22, 2017 at 08:01

27 Twitter Comebacks By James Blunt That Had Trolls Looking For Ice

by Sampada Sharma

James Blunt first shot to fame, back in 2004, with his song, You're Beautiful. And while the millennials will always love him for that song, Blunt has another side of his personality that is loved by the internet. 

On Twitter, he's the man who knows how to give a serious burn!

When he's online, he spares no one. Ruthless, savage and downright hilarious, you can't get enough of his witty comebacks. We're sure half the people trolling him are actually testing his sense of humour! 

Here are 27 of the wittiest comebacks by James Blunt on Twitter that will leave you roaring with laughter:

Blunt is so blunt!



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