Donald Trump on Monday raised another tweet-storm after he criticised veteran actress Meryl Streep for slamming him earlier for allegedly 'mocking' a disabled reporter.

President-Elect Donald Trump | Source: Reuters

In a series of mean tweets, President-Elect Trump called Streep a 'Hillary flunkie who lost big'. He also claimed that the actress, who has won three Academy Awards and 19 nominations for the same, is overrated and that he never mocked a disabled journalist.

Meryl Streep at the Golden Globe Awards Ceremony where she slammed the President Elect | Source: Reuters

As soon as Trump tweeted his rant against Streep, tweeples got back in the most scathing of ways.

Here are the best reactions:

The time he took to complete the post did not escape the sharp attention of Twitterati:

Many were also quick to remind him of his 'crime', which he was denying:

In response to his allegations claiming the 'media' was trying to make him look bad, tweeples pointed out:

Some even dug deep to do a bit of psychological profiling of Trump:

Finally, this guy had the wisest advice for the President-Elect:

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