Nov 28, 2016 at 18:40

Dear Women, Here Are 16 Kinds Of Boots For You To Set This Winter On Fire

by Grace Bains

Every girl knows that given the right pair of shoes, she can truly conquer the world. And with winter finally here, the conquering has to be done in boots. 

Given the variety of boots, different styles and outfit options, choosing a pair requires some serious contemplation. But then, you do know everything there is to know about boots, right? Or, do you think you do? 

Do you know all the kinds of boots available? Can you name the different styles? Do you know what style goes with which outfit? Haunting questions, aren't they? 

Worry not, ladies, for we've got you the ultimate guide to boots. The best part? We're also giving you tips on outfit pairing! 

Here's a list of the different kinds of boots for women. Go ahead and take your pick:

















You can now thank us, ladies!

Design Credits: Aakansha Pushp

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