The Internet is considered to be a happy place. But, as more people are coming on the platform it isn't that happy anymore. So today, we decided to call out some of the annoying people on the Internet so that you can stay away from them and live a peaceful online life.

Start tagging them buggers. #SwacchInternetAbhiyaan

1. The ones who comment on their old photos to get likes 

Your comment: Nice (24th July 2016)

Their reply: Haha thanks (30th November 2016)

Source: Tenor

2. The ones who post a dozen photos of a single event

Photo 1: Fun

Photo 1.1: Lots of fun

Photo 1.2: #Fun

Photo 1.3: #AmazingDay

Photo 1.4: Waah, kya din hai aaj

Photo 1.5: Mazza hi aa gaya

Photo 1.6: What a day, what a lovely day.

Source: Khabarfeed

3. The ones who don't understand sarcasm

Your status: Donald Trump became the president. This is gonna be fun

Their comment: Bro, do you know what all he has said in the past? How can you support a guy like him?

Source: Pulptastic

4. The ones who call everything 'sarcasm'

Their status: Arvind Kejriwal bhenc%^#

Your comment: Why are you abusing?

Their explanation: Chill, that was sarcasm!

Source: Quotesgram

5. Donald Trump supporters

Grab 'em by the...

Source: Metro

6. The ones still using old memes

Their post: It is raining because Rajinikanth left his tap open. #lol #funny #kuchbhi #dying 

Source: HT

7. The ones who promote their own page under your posts

Your status: Getting married

Their comment: "Hey, for funny posts like my new page Real Bakchodi No Bakwass"

Source: We Heart It

8. The "Bhai akele akele?" commenters on almost everything

Your update: Got a new job

Their comment: Bhai, akele akele?

Your update: Traveling to Spain for Honeymoon

Their comment: Bhai, akele akele?

Source: The Daily Touch

9. The UNESCO messengers

Some random page: UNESCO has declared Bhabhi Ji Ghar Pe Hai as the best show of 2016

Them: "Omg, I should share this"

Source: E!

10. The ones who share random posts to win an iPhone

Some random page: Tim Cook is giving away the new iPhone 7, share this post and stand a chance to win one.

Them: "Finally, gotta share it"

Source: Wifflegif

11. People who tag you on the most unfunny posts ever

Some shitty meme: Haha @you this is so funny

Some random page: @You I tagged you because I wanted you to look at this potato for no reason when you open your phone.

12. The ones inviting you to like their new page, every few months

Notification: Annoying Friend invited you to like his new page TecKnoWledge 2016

Source: Giphy

13. The ones who keep tagging your relatives on 'objectionable' posts

Your photo with 4 friends of the opposite sex: Hey @YourMom look your son/daughter is really popular

A photo of you smoking hookah: Hey @YourDad look he can make smoke rings too!

Source: Tumblr

14. The friend who thinks you are dating everyone you click a photo with

Their comment: Omg, kya baat hai *wink*

Their comment: You guys look perfect together

Their comment: Ahem ahem

Source: Vagabomb

15. The ones who get offended before even reading a full post

Some random page: "Here's how demonetisation will affect you"

Them: "Aye bhakt saala"

Them: "Chup be Aaptard"

Source: Source: Funnyjunk

Please, just stop guys!