It won't be long before people invite you over to meet their baby 'Pikachu' as parents in the US are increasingly naming their children after characters from Pokemon Go, new data says. Babycenter - a pregnancy and parenting website that tracks baby name trends - has noticed a sudden spike in popularity for Pokemon Go-related names.

According to Baby Center, an increasing number of newborns are going to grow up with first names like Roselia, Ash, Eevee and Onyx -all Pokemon characters.

The US pregnancy and parenting website says around half of its users are playing the game regularly right now.

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Eevee has climbed 1,377 spots on the list of popular girls' names in the last year alone. But the sudden climb of Onyx is even more impressive -leapfrogging 2,184 spots on the girls' list. Onyx was all but unheard of for a century , then got off the ground in the `90s -around the time Pokemon was first introduced -before spiking very recently.

Additionally, the names Star and Ivy are suddenly popular, perhaps inspired by the Pokemon Go creatures Star mie and Ivysaur.

The names of Pokemon creatures yet to appear in the game have seen a boost too. Roselia, for example, is up a whopping 5,859 spots from last year. And Ash, Pokemon's main character, is up 248 spots.

"We see babies named after TV show characters, celebrities, and even Instagram filters. Millennials are particularly attracted to technology and '90s nostalgia, which is one of the reasons we think Pokemon Go is already having an impact on baby naming trends," she said.

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