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Dec 13, 2016 at 14:11

WATCH: It Takes Two To Raise A Baby, And Nothing Explains It Better Than This Adorable Video

by Rajashree Poddar

Bringing a baby into this world changes your life forever. Right from the moment your happiness is confirmed to bringing your bundle of joy home, the rollercoaster ride of raising a child gives you many memories to fondly look back on. After all, caring for the child makes the parents grow too. At the end of the day, a healthy and a happy baby grows with the love and care of both his or her doting parents. So it really doesn't make sense to pin bringing up the baby as just a woman's job. 

This cute video is making us look at the concept of parenthood in a whole new light and we cannot help but applaud it wholeheartedly. Connecting with a child during their formative years helps them grow better cognitively and socially, which is why Pampers is inviting fathers to be more hands-on in bringing up their babies. For starters, even a task as simple as changing the diaper can bring a father and a child closer. After all, when #ItTakes2 to make a baby, why should caring for them be any different?


Read all about their wonderful initiative here.

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