You’re sitting in a cafe sipping on a cup of coffee when suddenly, a familiar song comes on. For some reason, you’re reminded of him. You weren’t really friends in college, only limited to conversations about class and the occasional party. But, oh how you would have liked it to be something more.

Sadly, too many of us have stories like this. Dating in college was tough back then, but then came Tinder. Suddenly, you could super-like your crush! Tinder changed the college dating scene forever, so much so that thinking about college dating 5 years ago makes us praise the Gods who invented swiping left and right:

1. Back then, your SO could have been taking classes on the floor above you and you would never have known. 

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Your soulmate could have been within a mile's radius of you, but you would have continued living your life because, well, no Tinder. 

2. Scaling Mt. Everest was easier than plucking up the courage to go to talk to your crush.

Chandler Bing, patron saint of hopeless and awkward people since 1994. 

3. And there was literally no way to ask them about their interests without seeming nosy. 

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Thank God for bios.  

4. Of course, actually telling them that you like them kept you up for nights on end. 

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Then: "So... uh... I wanted to tell you that... uh..." 

Now: *Swipes right* 

5. Making plans every week used to be tedious AF.  

"So, where do you want to eat?" 

*Starts Hunger Games: Dating Version* 

6. Back then, getting the low-down on the guy you liked meant subtly mentioning him in conversations and hoping people won't notice. 

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*Scribbles Mrs. X into my notebook like Taylor Swift because there is no such thing as Tinder* 

7. Also, getting to know a friend of a friend was only possible... well, through that mutual friend. 

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You go talk to your friends, talk to my friends, talk to me. 

8. This was you when you saw the guy you liked talking to another girl. 

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9. This was you immediately after, advancing your plans to ask him out before she did. 

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There wasn't any Super Like, people! 

10. Of course, if things didn't work out, there were a lot of fish in the sea... not that you knew about them. 

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Because you of all people know how hard it is to find that special someone. 

Tinder = BAE! 

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