"Everybody has a story of how they first fell in love with cricket."

Rahul Dravid has made it a habit of sharing videos on his birthday that help spread joy among cricket lovers in the country. Last year, it was an illustrated video of his journey from a promising school cricketer, to making his first class debut for Karnataka -- a video that was meant to inspire young cricketers and make them understand there is more to the sport than just Twenty20 and instant fame.

This year, on his 44th birthday, he has come up with yet another video that, like his own in inimitable batting style, stands out for its sheer class.

"Birthdays are an annual reminder of how much cricket has contributed to my life. It has been a gift that keeps on giving," he says in a Facebook post. "It has been a gift that keeps on giving -- friendships, experiences, affection and so much more -- and that makes me incredibly grateful. Fortunately, it is a gift that can be passed on and shared with just about anyone and this is something that brings me joy."

Dravid takes us through four different stories that goes to show how cricket is for everyone. A girl who got inspired by her father's passion, an old man who recounts his days of playing Ranji Trophy despite a disability that meant he can't use one hand, a cab driver who struggles to make ends meet but still plays cricket every week and a mom who has gone from knowing nothing about cricket to living the game, thanks to her son.

Watch the full video here:

For cricket fans, Dravid is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

Happy birthday, 'Jammy'!