It has almost been a month since Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the demonetisation move but people haven't got any relief from the hardship. In another 'demonetisation' incident, a woman delivered a baby girl inside a bank in Uttar Pradesh.

The incident reportedly took place in Kanpur Dehat district when 30-year-old Sarvesha was waiting in a queue with her mother-in-law to withdraw cash at Punjab National Bank’s Jhinjhak branch on Friday, reports Hindustan Times.

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With the help of some other women present in the queue, Sarvesha was able to deliver the baby after an ambulance did not reach the spot on time. Subsequently, policemen drove the mother and the new born to the hospital in a police van.

According to Sarvesha's mother-in-law, she has given birth to a healthy baby and is recuperating.

It was Sarvesha's second visit to the bank in two days. She lost her husband in an accident, earlier in September, and wanted to withdraw the first installment of the Rs 2.75 lakh compensation allotted to her by the government.