The day we women grow a pair of boobs, everything changes. Some people might think that the magical spell of womanhood is cast but it's more like a curse, really -  the Everyone-Stares-At-My-Boobs-Instead-Of-My-Face' curse. You know it's true. I mean, come on. What's so great about them, anyway? As Google says, they're just 'Protruding organs on the upper front of a woman's body which secrete milk after childbirth.'

But no matter what you're wearing, people (let's admit it, it's mostly men) never fail to stare at them while speaking to us. Instead of looking at our face, where the actual conversation is going on, they unabashedly keep staring at our breasts. And this becomes a big problem when it's happening at the workplace. 

If you're suffering from this incurable plague, we have just the perfect revolutionary product for you! Marion Cotillard, along with two more Hollywood celebrities, talks about this magical product that will put a definite end to one of your many woes. 

Here, watch the video to see the magic unfold:  

Source: FunnyOrDie

Forehead Tittaes all the way!