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Oct 25, 2016 at 16:48

This Woman Quit Her Job To Travel Across Asia & Captured The Journey In This Stunning Time-Lapse

by Sanchi Gupta

Most of us go the same way about vacations.

The first step is deciding the destination in a world full of wonders. Then begins the hunt for the flights at the best price. Then comes the extensive planning because everything must be covered. Applying for leaves at work way in advance so the boss can’t give you no for an answer. The packing. The drama. The departure.

But not this crazy woman. She, along with her boyfriend, randomly quit her job and took off to Asia for 6 months on an adventure of a lifetime. He documented her expedition in some incredible 3578 frames, all gifted to social media in the form of a seamless, blink-and-miss timelapse video.

Full of energy and glimpses of beautiful countries, the video takes us on a journey with the woman as we follow her through the nooks and corners of the most incredible places, exploring the most diversified cultures. So yeah. Travel goals. Relationship goals. Life goals. Everything.

She totally seems to be having the time of her life. We will too, someday. Till then, watch the video by Lytchee TV here:


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