A day before Tejas Express was set to start its  journey from Mumbai to Goa, it was vandalised by unknown malefactors. 

As the train arrived in Mumbai from Delhi, everyone was shocked to find its glass windows cracked, news agency ANI reported. 

This has happened just a day before it was about to embark on its journey from Mumbai to Goa. 

Considering how Union Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu had extolled Tejas during his budget speech in 2016 - "Tejas would showcase the future of travelling by trains in India" - it's just very unfortunate how the train has gone through such damage.

Railway plays down incident

DK Sharma, general manager, Central Railways, told India Today, "We came to know that a few glasses were damaged, but it is not a serious issue. We will correct it.

"The train is expected to reach Mumbai on Saturday. Once it arrives, we will inspect it and make the necessary repairs." 

But social media users are shocked:

 Tejas Express

Equipped with modern facilities such as USB charging ports, LED TVs at the back of the seats, coffee-vending machines, CCTV cameras and GPS-based information displays.

Passengers will also have the choice to opt for on board food. If a passenger opts for food while buying ticket, the catering charge will be included in the fare.

It is expected that passengers will have to pay almost thrice the amount they pay for normal trains to reach Karmali in the first air-conditioned compartment and chair-car of Tejas Express. Around Rs 2,680 for first AC compartment and Rs 1, 680 per person for Chair Car compartment will be charged.

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