Our quest to match conventional beauty standards doesn't stop with ourselves, they translate to all the things that surround us--even in the kind of pets we keep.

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According to the NGO, World For All

When it comes to dog adoption in India, cute puppies are the luckiest. But injured and sick dogs, who need the most love and care, are the ones who get left behind.

And so the fate of these helpless creatures remains uncertain.

But you (yes, you) could change that. We understand that adopting a pet is not always easy, it takes both time and commitment to take care of pets. With our busy lives, it isn't always possible. So what can you do?

Instead of adopting a pet, you could adopt this banner.

#AdoptTheBanner is an initiative by World For All, a Mumbai-based animal care and adoption centre, where they don’t ask people to adopt dogs, but #AdoptTheBanner and support the medical rehabilitation of injured and sick animals.

Their cause has been well received even among celebrities. 

R. Madhavan is one of the firsts to help spread the word. 

Here's how you can help.

Simply go on bitgiving.com. Choose your favorite banner and hit on the embed link. This will allow you to copy the banner on your social media profile and help spread the word. Your friends can then directly click the 'donate' button on the banner to do their bit.

Remember, somewhere,some little doggo will get his smile and his health back because you helped it.