Air India has decided to accord priority to the armed forces personnel in boarding its flights across the carrier's network.

On Monday, Air India executive director Sarabjot Singh Uberoi wrote an e-mail to top officials declaring that serving members of the armed forces from Army, Air Force and Navy should be honoured by inviting them to board first on all their flights, before any other passengers.

The decision has been taken as a mark of honour and respect to these personnel, on the occasion of the country's 71st Independence Day. As per the email, the order has been implemented from Independence Day onwards on all Air India flights.

It has also mentioned how pre-boarding announcements will now be made,

 “Air India Star Alliance flight ___to ___is now ready for boarding through Gate No.___. We would like to invite serving members of our esteemed Armed Forces from Army, Air Force and Navy to board first,” reported Hindustan Times.

As usual, Twitter had a lot to say about this with some rejecting the move while some others lauding it

Air India already provides concessionary and discounted air fares to the armed forces personnel on its domestic sectors.