I have been living in the same place with the same people for the past 24 years. Having family besides me through thick and thin is why I've had a sense of security, knowing if something goes wrong, parents will always come along.

However, the word 'safe' does not seem so safe anymore.

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Mom's hugs and Dad's guidance is something I'll always seek, no matter where I live. But the need of the hour is to move out and have a life of my own. 

Carrying with me a bunch of learnings from my parents as I go about figuring out the undiscovered side of me, hidden somewhere in the corner of my room. 

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As I entered my 20s, I learnt how I love being with myself. 

I am no introvert. Nor am I anti-social. Family gatherings give me great joy. I love spending time with my folks. But - and there is always a but - I do feel that staying with my parents somehow doesn't let me form my own opinions, take my own decisions. 

I'm too protected. Life is too limited. I do not want to be limited. NO MORE!

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How hard can it be? 

Cooking your own food, paying your rent and doing everything else that needs to be done.

Now, it is about what I want. I have had enough advice on what I should or shouldn't do. 

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I do not want to have deadlines; I can draw them myself. I am no longer scared of change. I want to explore a new side of me. I want to know some other city and its people. 

I want to take my own decisions and learn from them. I want to thank myself for the good and blame myself for the bad. 

I want to be me. An evolved me. A better me.