A Twitter Thread Lists 11 Points To Know If You’re New To Corporate & Trust Us, They’re Handy

Snigdha Nalini Oreya

The transition from college to corporate isn’t easy. It is challenging and none of what was taught in college can prepare you for the challenges corporate will throw at your face. And let’s face it, we all would have loved it if someone had given us a pep talk and had prepared us for this much in advance.


Thankfully, a Twitter user has come to the rescue of those who are completely new to the workforce and are lost. Taking to her profile, a user named Sanaa has penned an 11-point cheat sheet that will help you navigate your work-like like a pro.

She begins the thread by stating one point most people forget – HRs are only there for the company and not for you. The HR personnel at work is not your best friend so refrain from sharing tons of personal details with them.

Next, she states that every important conversation should be put in an e-mail. In corporate settings, if it’s not in the e-mail, it doesn’t exist.

During appraisals, a lot of people tend to forget all the achievements they made throughout the year. They are only able to state a handful of instances even when their contribution was huge. To avoid situations like these, having a spreadsheet where you have listed all your achievements is a fairly good idea.

For the fourth point, Sanaa mentions that you don’t need to add your colleagues to your social media. Also, if you are working extra hours, make sure that your manager knows about it.

The biggest challenge people face in corporate settings is putting across their points in a constructive and diplomatic way. Especially the negative ones. You gotta learn the trick of the trade in order to survive for long. Also, stay loyal to your job. Do it with utmost grace and honesty.

No matter how long you toil at your workplace, the only people who are going to acknowledge your efforts are your family and friends. And that is the truth. For the ninth point, the thread mentions that you need to learn to take criticism. If it is unnecessary, put your point across articulately. But never yell at the top of your lungs.

Just steer clear of office gossip. It’s a labyrinth and by the time you manage to get out of it, it’s too late and the damage would be done. And lastly, build credibility at work. It will take you places.

Sanaa’s thread has echoed with a lot of people. It has fetched over 2K likes and more than 166.1k views. People shared their views and also their experiences at their first jobs. Here’s what people had to say.

Hope this helps you at your first job!

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