‘His & Hers’: 8 Common Products Marketed Differently For Men And Women For No Logical Reason

Snigdha Nalini Oreya

The concept of a man’s razor and a woman’s razor is, sometimes, simply baffling. Most of the time, it is the same razor doing the same job. Except for one tiny difference – the woman’s razor is pink in colour. How innovative! 

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Razors, however, aren’t the only product. There are various products in the market that do the same job but are marketed differently to men and women. Most of the time, the women’s product would be pink in colour and words such as “gentle”, “soft”, etc. would be used. On the other hand, the products aimed at men would have descriptions that would tell you exactly what the product would do. While some brands are moving away from ascribing sexes to products, a large number of brands still fall in the former category.

We took a look at eight common products from shopping websites that are used by everyone, regardless of their gender identity. The descriptions and the advertisements showed how the same product is sold using gendered and targeted keywords. Take a look below.

1. Shampoo
Take a look at these two popular shampoos. The one aimed at men gives you an idea of how effective the shampoo will be. On the other hand, the “woman” shampoo has only one basic function. As if men don’t want hair that is “silky perfection”. 

2. Shower Gels
What exactly is a “masculine scent”? How would you describe the notes of this fragrance? Notice how the woman’s product lists down only the aesthetic functions.

3. Deodorant
Why are deodorants that are aimed at women so adamant about making sure women have fair underarms? Both the products do the same job but the one aimed at women has an added “benefit” of fairness.

And this tweet that shows how similar fragrances are named differently.

4. Face Wash
Even if we go by the logic that men and women have different skin and hence different needs, don’t men want a vitamin-rich face wash that will give them glowy skin?

5. Razors
Funnily, the woman’s razor does not list down the actual functions like the man’s razor, even though they both do the same job. And obviously, the razors had to be pink and black in colour.

6. Shaving Foam
The only thing we want to ask is why do we even have different shaving foam for men and women? Will a man’s shaving foam be allergic to a woman’s skin? The foam aimed at women is laden with nutrients unlike the other. While the foam aimed at men simply shows the utility. Last we checked, everyone needs a good shaving foam for a clean shave.

7. Moisturizer
Even women want a long-lasting moisturizer.

In case you thought only adults have gendered products, wait till you take a look at the kids’ section. A binary of pink and blue will welcome you. For example, this toothbrush.

8. Barbie and Batman, the two genders!

Notice how most products aimed at women are either pink, white, or set in pastel tones. While the products aimed at men are shown in dark colours. Gendered products are a problem because it enforces the idea of gender binaries and stereotypes. One of the biggest problems is how the same product is priced differently, often the pink product being priced slightly higher. Still don’t believe us? Time to check it for yourself on any shopping website.

Creatives: Shanu Ketholia

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