From everyday items and personal-care services to even basic clothing, there are several things that cost women more money than men. And, on a thread, people discuss and reveal the things that cost higher to women than men. Shall we see what people had to say? Read on.


1. “Everything. There are times when things actually cost more money but other times it costs us our dignity, safety, health and welfare. We “pay” more all the time.”

– laboogie72

2. “Period products and birth control.”

– Vyrnoa

3. “Razors.”

– aussiesis

4. “Hairdressers.”

– Niamh1971

5. “Sterilization. It’s more expensive, more invasive and has higher risks for women. In fact, a lot of younger childfree women get turned down by doctors who invalidate their personal decision regarding their own bodies with comments like “you’re too young to know”, “what if your hypothetical future husband wants kids”, “but being a mother is the best thing a woman can be/ultimate thing she should want” and similar remarks.”

– MissInfer

6. “BASIC underwear. While men might be comfortable in dollar store underwear, many women need 100% cotton or a special cut just to avoid infections.”

– thelaughingpear

7. “Clothing in general. For example, it’s almost impossible to find clothing with pockets large enough to avoid having to carry a purse. Having to buy purses is like a tax for women. Also, having to wear multiple layers to keep guys from staring at our chests. And if you don’t wash them, dry cleaners will charge more for women’s dress shirts than men’s shirts, caught this under a misc category. They corrected it when I pointed it out. Also, for haircuts, I’ve had other women complain that they pay more for a haircut than a man, even though their hair is just as short and easy to cut/style.”

– UsualAnybody1807

8. “Dating and sex! There’s so much more for us to lose/risk that will always cost us more both figuratively and literally in the end.”

– RideExternal5752

9. “Swimwear.”

– blushingpervert

10. “Anything regarding reproductive health – tampons, pads, birth control and having a baby.”

– mountain_dog_mom

11. “Having sex. Our lives are pretty costly and are now at risk every time we have sex.”

– Mcstoni

12. “Existence.”

– QuickLimeGirl86

Society, what is this behaviour towards women?