If you’ve a newly discovered back-pain, congratulations – you’re no longer the ‘cooler’ generation (and maybe see a doctor). We did not grow up with a touch-screen phone, and Instagram was not even a thing to creepily stalk a crush. So bachpan ka pyaar wasn’t as reachable back then. Other than that, life was good. And, all the 90s kids had their share of fun – which mostly came packaged as trendy toys or snacks.

We’re officially at a point in our lives, where we tell people about stories from ‘back then’. So back in school, the only hype was to get the latest-weird thing in the market and oh, the constant hoarding of stationery, just for the heck of it. We quite literally manipulated our parents into buying all of it. I know, I had my “bauji, please” moments.

All these things have been a constant. But, their prices have not.

1. Beyblade 

If you remember hoarding them, you also probably remember being thrown out of tuition. Well, the string and the spinning thingy costs at least ₹350 now, and these are not even the best ones. 

Entertainment Earth

2. Glow In The Dark Stars

The only way Delhi kids get to see the stars, is by sticking these onto the ceiling. And I don’t want to be a buzz-kill, but they’re literally selling a packet with some 5 stars and a moon for ₹150 now.

Glow Topia

3. Dairy Milk

There was literally a time when the ₹10 chocolate was enough, even to save it for later. I get inflation and economy, but every time I buy the same Dairy Milk now, it feels like I didn’t even get a whole bite. Not cool.

Jio Mart

4. Bubble Maker 

I remember buying these from weekly market or fairs, and I still lose control when it comes to chasing a bubble. Now, they come in so many different types and styles, that the starting range is nothing less than ₹150-₹200. 


5. Phantom Sweet Cigarettes

They’re now one of those vintage things that we ‘search’ for. And, it’s not the cost, but the fact that they were available for ₹1 at some point that leaves me surprised. Other than agreeing to pay ‘whatever the person says, because they’re rare’, they cost 10 bucks for a pack. 

Verve Magazine

6. Clear Bag Folders

So many of us had these folders that they seemed like a part of the uniform. And buying them for ₹25-₹30 now, seems like such an investment, just because they costed less before. 


7. Multi Storage Pencil Box

We’ve all, at some point, forced our parents into buying this pencil box, because it was fancy. And, we all loved bragging a little at school. Surprisingly, they at least cost as much as ₹500 now.

Shop Disney

8. Trump Cards 

The starting cost for these cards is somewhere around ₹400, and these are not even the expensive ones. I mean, seriously? We live in fancy times. 


9. Flair Multi-Colour Ball Pen

This hardly-ever-functioning pen now costs ₹60. We’ve all destroyed at least one of these, in thinking that we can outsmart the manufacturer and get all the refills to work at one time. That’s literally the life of this pen.


10. Add Gel Pen

It is one of those pens that we started with, when we switched from pencils. And, all that nostalgia is priced at ₹40 now. I know, right? It was one of the good ones. 

India Mart

It’s not (only) the cost that hurts, but the fact that it changed. I’m starting to get my mom, now.