Are you even a ’90s kid if you haven’t tripped over phantom cigarettes or danced on Macarena? Think of the 90s, and you will see happy memories from your childhood flashing in your head! Indeed, you can never take the 90s out of the 90s kids.

That said, people on Reddit have listed things that made the 90’s special, and we are all going to get nostalgic.

1. “Music was great and it was exciting to be at the beginning of new technology but not have it consume our lives. You could still go out for the day and be completely unreachable and that was normal.”


2. “Unless you were around at the time, it’s hard to describe the positive vibe/feeling of hope that existed in that era. The Cold War was over, which meant the threat of nuclear war was over and we could focus on moving mankind to a better place. Society felt united, not divided like it is today. Daily life involves face-to-face interaction with people. There were stores to go to, I especially miss bookstores and record shops. Life was a lot more laid back, no one expected an instant reply; it might take a couple of days to get hold of a friend.” 

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3. “We had enough technology to get by and make life easier but it didn’t ruin our lives. You could leave your house for a night out with friends and your parents wouldn’t be able to find you. The music, the fashion, malls, mass shootings every damn day wasn’t a thing.”


4. “The vibes were just better. It seemed like people were happier and more content with what they did have. Now it seems like everyone is in the “hustle” mode and not truly happy. The nation also seemed more united at that time. There seemed to be more patriotism and less division.”


5. “You had access to modern technology, but people weren’t constantly attached to or dependent on it. Media was getting cheaper with CDs and VHS tapes. You had a cell phone so you could call friends whenever you needed to, but since you weren’t able to scroll through apps it didn’t take up your time.”


6. “The people who remember the 90’s fondly, are people who experienced a coming of age in the ’90s. They just happened to be at an age where the music of the ’90s lined up with their first relationship, first kiss, first breakup, etc. ’90s culture takes them back to an era where they were discovering themselves.” 


7. “We didn’t have billionaires. We didn’t have smartphones. We didn’t have influencers and that type of shit.”

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8. “Playstation 1, Playstation 2, N 64, Blockbuster Gas was cheap, personal computers were changing the world. Pizza hut all you can eat buffet. Need I say more!?”


9. “Go to a concert or a show and people are actually watching the band, not trying to record with their smartphone because smartphones didn’t exist.”


10. “You met people the old-fashioned way, just something about relationships before the social media age was something special. I would go on a date with a girl and we actually paid attention to each other, no cell phone to stare at, no such thing as social media.”


11. “During the 1990s, Gen Xers and Millennials were taught and shown how getting that college degree can greatly improve and influence your life.”


12. “It was chill. Things felt stable, technology was getting leisurely and interesting, and the job market was good. It was like what the suburbs are supposed to feel like.”


13. “Our childhood and the “good old days” in which we thought we knew what suffering meant but we didn’t. Plus, the transition between modern life (with phones, computers, etc) hit differently at that moment. It’s not the same being born with all this technology as experiencing the life before and after which makes everything seem better.” 


14. “Good cartoons, arcades were popular, video games were great. Was a wonderful time to be a kid.”


15. “90’s was when people just stopped caring about stupid things that nowadays we ourselves care about too much.”


16. “My favorite part was you could log off the internet. Or another way to say it, to get onto the internet, you had to boot up the computer for 10 minutes and no one could use the one telephone while you were online. People briefly used the internet and then went back to their lives. I liked the just existing part of the 90s better than today.”


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