We Imagined Our Beloved ‘Khichdi’ Characters As Corporate Employees & It Seems Pretty Apt

Harshita Singh

Those of us who grew up watching Khichdi as kids have an opportunity to watch the Parekh family’s comical chemistry all over again, as the movie Khichdi 2: Mission Paanthukistan has been released recently. But as we watched the trailer come out, we began wondering what the Khichdi family would be as coworkers and corporate employees. So, here’s our version of it, take a look for yourselves:

1. Tulsidas Parekh AKA Babuji – The CEO (obviously)

Babuji would most probably be the wise CEO, who can’t help but intervene in the foolishness of his team’s behaviour. He’s a leader and really has to restrain himself from cussing everyone out.

Credit: The Indian Express

2. Praful Parekh – The teammate who offers a lot of unsolicited inputs.

We know, we know, Praful is an absolute sweetheart, but you have to admit he rarely has good advice to offer even when he’s trying to help Hansa. So, Praful would most probably be the teammate who likes to add a lot to the conversation but unfortunately doesn’t really have a point to make. And it happens to the best of us, but yes, Praful would be the epitome of this.

Credit: Hotstar

3. Hansa Parekh – The coworker who you rarely see doing any work

Again, we love Hansa, and we love the questions she asks, yet if we were to imagine her as a coworker, it seems the sentiments would change a little. Hansa would be the coworker who would ask one question after the other, especially during a meeting, but the questions would rarely help the meeting reach its destination. In fact, the questions would actually end up delaying the meeting a little! In fact, the probability is that the interns probably have to clean up her messes as well.

Credit: The Economic Times

4. Jayshree Parekh – The team leader with ESOPs who would want the company get sold

Jayshree always has her head on her shoulders, and the most sensible inputs to offer. We believe if she was a corporate employee she would be the one who always has a reasonable perspective and knows that she probably knows a lot more than the people around her, but doesn’t intervene until the situation is dire. And, since Jayshree was always seen gossiping on the phone in the show, we’re convinced she’d know all the workplace tea. She would also be most likely to be the team leader with ESOPs who’d want the company to either do an IPO or get sold!

Credit: The Indian Express

5. Himanshu Seth – The coworker who rarely does anything

Let’s be honest, we all have that person on the team that does the least. They do the bare minimum and we all question how they’re surviving in the workplace by doing that. While Himanshu’s free-spirited nature might be great to be around, we believe if he was a coworker, we’d go a little insane watching him be so laid back and chill, right? Also, the fact that Himanshu is such a daydreamer, he’d probably be the teammate who dreams of starting his own business and in fact, encourages everyone around him to do the same.

Credit: Tring

6. Chakki Parekh – The intern who is smarter than the employees themselves

Not many of us would deserve an intern like Chakki, she’d probably be the one to clean up Hansa’s mess and know more than her about the work they’re doing.

Credit: Hotstar

7. Jackky Parekh – The intern who would also know more than the actual team members

Jackky Parekh would also be one of the smartest interns to have on your team, and his personal stance on the seniors of his company would probably have you questioning capitalism and the folks at the top (referring to his famous dialogue ‘Bade log, bade log.’)

Credit: Miss Malini

Khichdi will forever be one of our favourite shows and even a movie franchise. But we’re not too sure how we’d respond if the Parekh family was really our coworkers.

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