Step aside, humans. Love is raging in the animal kingdom!

Seriously, who the hell are we to set relationship goals? What do we even know about serious romance? Nothing, nothing at all.

At least not after looking at these incredibly mushy displays of PDA between these unbelievably adorable pairs.

Source: youtube

Be it a bird or insect, mammal or reptile, everyone’s out looking for his or her special someone. No, really. Who can do without company? Everyone, literally everyone, wants a perfect match. What’s life without someone by your side? Sad, that’s what it is.

Which is why these beautiful creations of the universe are just going for it. And they don’t care about who sees. They have zero fucks to give. Well, maybe not to each other. They even have wonderful confessions of heartfelt emotions for each other. How’s that for something?

Ha. Okay, I’ll let them do the talking now. It’s the time to feel, feel their love.

Maybe we can learn a thing or two from these beautiful, super committed couples?

Designs by Rohit Jakhu