Human beings are known to be a major cause when it comes to harming the environment. Be it climate change, global warming and a lot of other issues.

Over the course of 450 million years, Earth has witnessed 5 mass extinctions and evolution has slowly managed to introduce new species. 

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According to this study by Aarhus University and Gothenburg University, us humans have messed up the conservation of animals to such an extreme level that the earth might face its sixth mass extinction.

But unlike the first five times when natural disasters were the reason for mass extinction, this time humans are to be blamed.

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The study states that if the present scenario sees no improvement, a large number of animal species will be extinct in the next 50 years. And it will take an astonishing 3-5 million years to recover from the extinction and undo the damage.

The researchers have studied an extensive database which include not only species which are living among us but also the ones that have been extinct long enough. 

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The study includes the fact that as homosapiens spread out in the world, the impact was being felt on several animal species. Eventually leading to their extinction.

The researchers warn everyone that if we don't focus on animal conservation dedicatedly, we will lose out on years of animal evolution.

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It's time we do something about it.

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