We've heard of several instances of improvement in environment and increase in the wildlife pipulation around the world during lockdown.

But there has been a flip side to it too.

According to a report by TNIE, at least 14 elephants died in Odisha in the last 2.5 months of lockdown. And most of these deaths have been attributed to poaching and electrocution.

Source: TNIE

The forest department of the state has said that only 2 of these deaths occurred due to natural reasons.

Source: samaja live english

Reports also reveal that recently, the carcass of a 3-year-old male elephant was found in Mundeswara forest with bullet injury marks on its body.

In another incident, 2 elephants were found dead after getting electrocuted 

Source: HT

There have been several reports of poaching in the area and officials are trying to figure out a way to enhance patrolling.

It's sad and disappointing to see such magnificent creatures being killed by humans or due to human-animal conflict.