Penguins are pretty awesome creatures; they mate for life, homosexuality is natural for them and they make lovely parents. 

1. Watch out for your kids, people!

2. The woman does NOT need to stay at home.

3. They are a little strange.

4. Dad bods for the win!

5. They basically believe in helicopter parenting.

6. It’s hairfall season, birdies!

7. Love is love.

8. Monogamy at its best.

9. Penguins do sound like a lot fun.

10. They surely sound like great cuddle buddies.

11. Cool suit, bro.

12. Take a cue, boys.

13. Their own version of nicknames.

14. Survival of the fittest.

15. Such badasses!

16. Move over, Michael Phelps.

Desgin credits: Lucky Mehendiratta

Sources: Good Housekeeping and Mental Floss