What fun can someone possibly get from seeing a helpless animal struggling for life? 

It’s baffling to see how some people derive fun from inflicting pain on others. Such people are a blot on the face of humanity with utterly degraded moral values.

In a shocking display of cruelty, a 15-year-old girl from Boston, Massachusetts, put her turtle into a microwave and killed the innocent animal just for fun.

And the worst part? She has no guilt about it. None at all. 


The girl even photographed the incident and shared it on her social media. 

Naturally, her post attracted criticism for her complete absence of conscience. The sheer lack of sensitivity was apparent when the sadistic teenager’s mother, upon being informed about her daughter’s act of appalling cruelty, brushed it off as just another fun activity. She said:

“Ya’ll Mad over a f***ing turtle. Get over it”.

She apparently took the post down but it has already created much outrage. An online petition has also been launched to get the Boston Police Department to press animal cruelty charges on both Jonasia and Shanitha. 

There are also some people who have tried reaching out to the girl, probably to put some sense in to her head.

Where is this world heading?