Our wildlife conservation efforts need to improve because, in the last two years, 204 lions have lost their lives in the Gir forest region. The Gujarat government informed the Legislative Assembly of this knowledge yesterday.

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According to reports, only 27 out of those 204 deaths were ‘unnatural’ such as getting hit by a train or falling in a well. 

Forest minister Ganpat Vasava added in his written report that 110 lions and 94 cubs passed away between 2017 and 2018.

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He also added that 110 leopards, out of which 75 were cubs also lost their lives in the Gujarat forests in the last couple of years. He mentioned that the state government is working dedicatedly to conserve our wildlife and prevent any further deaths.

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These efforts include building parapets around wells, fencing railway tracks, construction of speed breakers on roads passing through sanctuaries and continuous patrolling.

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Reports also add that the government has granted Rs 21.96 crore for lion conservation in Gir in 2017 and Rs 27.89 crore in 2018.

The big cats are also facing loss of life due to diseases like Canine Distemper Virus, Babesia, Streptococcal bacteria and Gram-negative bacilli infections.

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Let’s hope the coming years improve this situation.