Fate, some people believe in it some don’t. But when this couple from Brooklyn took a trip to Korea, little did they know that fate has a surprise for them.  

Mo and Kaitlin while having a little stroll found Pino, an adorable three-legged puppy in Korea and instantly fell in love with him. They wanted to adopt the puppy from Korean Municipal Shelter and left it to destiny afterward. Little did they know that their dreams would come true.  

Pino took a whole trip from Korea to Brooklyn, New York after officialy being adopted by the couple and instantly became the talk of the neighborhood. His adorable ways and cute little face was making every heart melt. 

Mo and Kaitlin took Pino everywhere. Literally, EVERYWHERE.  

Pino went through a ton of exercises to make up for the missing leg. From Hydrotherapy to increase his core strength to every different sort of workout to make his balance better. Pino did it all.  

With his loving nature and those oh-so-cute little buttocks, Pino is just a three-legged dog in the big city of New York doing his thing.  

You can watch this entire video to see Pino’s journey.