Humans may have gotten the memo about being wary of animal bites, but it seems like even animals should have gotten the same memo about human bites. 

Because recently, in what can only be described as a bizarre incident, a woman bit a camel, apparently in self-defense. Now, the camel is being treated with antibiotics for the human bite. 


A couple, Gloria Lancaster and Edmond Lancaster, visited a truck petting zoo in Louisiana. When they started throwing treats for their deaf dog, the dog crawled inside the camel’s enclosure. In order to rescue the pet, Gloria crawled under the barbed wire into the camel’s enclosure. 


However, moments after she entered the enclosure, the 600-pound camel sat on her. And, in order to escape, she bit the camel’s testicles. 

Edmond stated that his wife bit the camel’s private parts in desperation to get the camel off of her. After the camel stood up his wife was able to get free, grab their small dog and get back outside.
WTHR (Representational Image)

Soon after the camel was prescribed antibiotics by a veterinarian for the bite injury. Despite a warning sign asking customers to stay outside, the couple still entered the enclosure. Furthermore, they fed their pet near the enclosure and did not keep him on a leash. The couple has been charged for a leash law violation. 

Talk about biting more than you can handle!